What Is TruDOSE™?

It’s a treatment where we first draw a specific amount of blood based on your unique disease conditions and platelet levels, then we concentrate your platelets, and finally the platelets are re-infused back into you. So, it’s your own blood healing your own body!​

The reason we utilize this therapy is because it has shown great results helping patients with all kinds of disease conditions get symptom relief and even reverse their conditions. It’s extremely safe and, because it’s your own blood, there is very minimal risk.

The Importance of Platelets

Dig Deeper Into the Science

Understanding Systemic Inflammation

Unresolved immune and repair issues cause systemic inflammation and break the body down (see video above). These unresolved issues force the body to sequentially shut off functions (cellular, organ, and metabolic) in an order only the body knows. As functions shut down in the body, symptoms arise along with disease conditions. This cycle keeps repeating itself until the body is simply stuck perpetually in a state of systemic inflammation.

How do you determine

My Custom Dose?

The TruDOSE™ system figures that out. You come in and have your finger pricked to take a few drops of blood. The blood is measured and imported into software to determine the personalized therapy for you based on your disease condition.

What’s the process like when I’m there at the office?


Blood is Drawn

An IV line will be put into your arm and blood will be drawn…somewhere between 4–16 tablespoons of blood.

Blood is Processed

That blood is processed in a centrifuge to separate the platelets. After the centrifugation process, your treatment is ready to be administered.


After the treatment, you will stay a few minutes for observation, and then you will be free to go.

Are there any risks?

To date, there have been thousands of treatments done across the US at other clinics with no reported side effects or complications. It’s your own blood going back in to your body…nothing more.

Are there any bad treatment effects that can happen?

Some patients could experience temporary a Herxheimer reaction. If you do, this is normal and should only be temporary. Patients with neurological conditions could experience pain that they otherwise did not have before the treatment. This too is normal and a good sign of the body’s healing inflammation happening. It’s a sign the body is waking up the nervous system.

What should I expect after treatment?

This depends on the individual, the disease condition. And many other factors. Each person’s healing progress will be slightly different…even if two people have the same disease condition. You should experience effects from the treatment within 24-72 hours. Some people could experience immediate effects before they leave the office. Early signs of treatment effects could resemble great sleep, energy, cognitive improvement, and other small improvements to their body within the first 24-72 hour timeframe.

How do I know the treatment is working?

If you’re experiencing small changes (sleep, energy, clear headed, pain going away, etc.) then that means its working.

What if I don’t experience those benefits right away?

Does that mean the treatment didn’t work?

Not necessarily. Its rare that the treatment does nothing for a patient, but it might not fix what you are wanting it to fix. The systemic effects of the treatment will go to work on things you had no idea were a problem or causing pain. For some people it just takes a little bit for the body to recalibrate these things that aren’t working properly. Again, the treatment effects will continue to occur up until the 8-12 week mark. Its not often, but sometimes people experience these real noticeable benefits at that time point so you just have to give the treatment time to work.

How long do the treatment effects last?

The treatment effects and benefits will continue up until the 8-12 week mark. All of the little benefits your body had been experiencing will maintain, and that will become your body’s new normal or homeostasis or balance. That’s when you need to get the next treatment because the benefits will build from there.

How does the treatment know what to fix?

How does taking my blood and putting it back into me work?

Your platelets are responsible for overseeing the activities of your repair and immune systems. When you take your blood out, give it back at a super concentrated specific dose of platelets, it basically resets the repair and immune systems to activate again. Except this time, your platelets are seeing your whole body from a systemic perspective and determining which problem to tackle first, second and third. Unresolved repairs in your body become fixed and unresolved immune problems are cleared. Essentially, your body is being restarted and then recalibrated. The recalibration process lasts all the way until the 8-12 week time frame and then you have your new normal.

How many treatments will I need?

This depends on the disease condition and many individual factors to the person…but prepare yourself for a minimum of 4 treatments over the next year and getting a treatment every 8-12 weeks. Each treatment will get you better, but it’s not advisable to only seek 1 treatment to fix these problems. The reason is because 1 single treatment will get someone better, but the body can, and will, relapse backwards. It has been learned over time that the 4 treatment program is the best option to get someone to optimal health. After the 4th treatment, you and your doctor can decide what’s the best thing to do as part of your treatment plan. We have found that patients do one of two things after the 4th treatment:

1. They enter into a maintenance observation mode where they will come in the second they feel their body have a flare up or other inflammatory problem.

2. Or, and this is what the majority of patients do…they continue with the 8-12 week program because the cost of doing the treatment is cheaper and has less risk of relapsing back to their disease condition. TruDOSE™ Therapy continues as more of a preventative treatment. Each treatment will continue to improve your brain function, neurological system, immune system, and repair system and keep you at optimal health.

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